Love and Theft’s Video for “Whiskey on Breath” Tells a Meaningful, Sad Story

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Love and Theft‘s new video for “Whiskey On My Breath” is a poignant, tragic tale of heartache and redemption. The video features the duo in a stripped-down acoustic atmosphere and focuses on a man who has clearly woken up with whiskey on his breath one too many times.

After a phone call the man decides he’s had enough and starts to live out the heartfelt lyrics of the song and is ready for redemption.

I lost her and all my friends

Broke all but one of my Lord’s 10

But Jesus died for all my sins

That’s how I know I’m getting in

Oh I know I’m going to heaven

But I can’t go with me like this

I need to pull myself together

Before then

No I ain’t afraid of dying

But what scares me is meeting Jesus

With whiskey on my breath

Image Source: YouTube