NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon Gives Super Fan Loraine His Personal Car

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It’s always inspiring when a mega star gives back to a fan. That’s just what Jeff Gordon did for superfan, Loraine. He met Loraine through a NASACAR Jeff Gordon VIP Experience where she shared with him that she used to own a 2003 Jeff Gordon Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. She went on to explain that, unfortunately, she had lost the car in a fire but was able to save the Jeff Gordon tag. Of course, he signed the coveted tag for her.

But the story doesn’t end there.

In an elaborate scheme, Jeff Gordon surprised Loraine by giving her a car. Not just any car, but his personal 2003 Jeff Gordon Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. Loraine could hardly contain herself as she exclaimed, “I was just happy with an autograph!”

Way to go Jeff Gordon!

Image Source: YouTube/PRPhotos