Ronnie Dunn Says Brooks & Dunn is Reuniting for a Show (And Maybe For Good?)

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Ronnie Dunn is ready to partner up with longtime bandmate Kix Brooks for a festival in Chicago, June 18 and 19 at LakeShake.  Dunn shared the news on Facebook saying, “It’s the first time we’ve played outside of Caesars in Las Vegas since the split.”

Dunn also went on to share some interesting insights for fans:

  1. You can’t make it alone.
  2. Getting it right is worth a lot.
  3. Introverts need extroverts.
  4. Opposites attract.
  5. If something is great, no length is too long.

Kix and I accepted a B&D offer to play a festival in Chicago today. June 18 &19. Lakeshake. Rounding the band up.


Posted by Ronnie Dunn on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Is Dunn hinting at a full-time reunion for Brooks & Dunn?

Let’s hope so!

Image Source: PR Photos