Steven Lee Olsen’s “Raised By A Good Time” Video


Steven Lee Olsen’s “Raised By a Good Time” is one of those songs that can get any crowd on its feet. 2014 was a good time for Olsen, after spending at least a decade paying his dues in Nashville, he signed a record deal and Garth Brooks recorded one of his songs. This single is the Canadian’s first real introduction to country radio and it’s bound to be a good time for him.

Steven says of the song, “‘Raised By A Good Time’ is a song I wrote a few years back with one of my best friends, Cary Barlowe. I think everyone has those memories from growing up where you and your friends were out, carefree, maybe past curfew, feeling like you were all getting away with stuff, and just being young. I really look at those days as moments that helped shape who I ultimately became, and I wanted the video to reflect the spirit of that.”

Image Source: Sony