Flash Flooding Couldn’t Stop Texas A&M Students From Getting To Class

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After severe storms, students at Texas A&M found it difficult to leave their dorms. It’s not that they were nervous about their exams, but that most of the school was underwater and to get to class they would need a boat. In classic Aggie style, they didn’t go back to bed but waded through the storm to take their tests.

Some buildings were taking on water, leaving students confused as to whether they would still be having class. Of course, A&M did not close, giving students the opportunity to get creative. For the most part, they showed unusual resolve. Aggies commit.

Some students had rainboots that they thought would keep them dry. To stay dry, students would have needed waders as the water was up to their waist at points.

Teaching moment: if you drive a sedan and water starts coming through your doors, you’re in too deep. This is not what German engineering was built for.


The university minimized the problem by creating a “Rainy Day” playlist on Spotify.