This Day in Country Music History: Reba McEntire and Patsy Cline Reach the Top Spot

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August 7th was an iconic day in the careers of two of the leading ladies of country music.

In 2004, Reba’s single, “Somebody,” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Country Music Charts. Reba has done movies and TV shows, but her heart lies where she started– country music. She is definitely one of the most recognizable and iconic female country music star alive today.

But, this isn’t just a special day for Reba.  Exactly 43 years earlier, in 1961, Patsy Cline’s song “I Fall to Pieces” also hit the No. 1 spot on the country charts. This was Patsy’s first hit and the success that followed is history.

Patsy Cline went on to be the first solo woman to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and she has this song to thank for that.

Image source: PR Photos