Thompson Square’s New Single “Trans Am” Will Get Your Motor Running


Thompson Square’s brand new single, “Trans Am” is a wild ride from the first note.

The sound is new, but it’s the same fun-loving, talented married couple singing the suggestive double-entendres, “She’s fast, she’s loud, looks pretty damn good with her top off.” The duo co-wrote the song with Blair Daly and Nathan Chapman (who has produced albums for Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum).

The lyrics aren’t the only thing that’ll get the listener’s attention during this tune. It’s 2 minutes and 55 seconds of adrenaline soaked, here-for-a-good-time guitar riffs with a beat that’ll get you moving.

If a Trans Am is the representation of an American muscle car, then “Trans Am” is the perfect representation of turn-it-up, play-it-again country music.

Of the new, aggressive sound, Keifer Thompson says, “This new music is a very tempo-driven project that probably represents us more than both of its predecessors. ‘Trans Am’ is a state of mind. It’s about liberation and not being painted into a corner. These new recordings show a more aggressive side of Thompson Square and reflects what fans experience at our  live shows. It’s a lot of fun for us.”

Thompson Square will release their third album later this year.

Image Source: Dove Shore