The Las Vegas Golden Knights Retire Number ’58’ In A Moving Tribute To The Route 91 Shooting Victims

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The Las Vegas Golden Knights have decided that no player will ever wear the number 58. The team preemptively retired the number to honor the 58 individuals who died during the deadliest shooting in American history during the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

During an emotional special ceremony, the organization raised a banner adorned with 58 stars and the names of the 58 individuals who lost their lives.

“The 58 stars are going to be there forever,” Bill Foley, owner and chairman of the Las Vegas Knights said. “You can see there were people crying in the stands, a few tears in my eyes as that banner got raised.

“It makes me feel great that our team is involved and is helping out in any way it can. Because our fans are so dedicated to this team, they’re so into this team. And we want to give back to them. That was our goal, to make hockey in the desert a reality, and it is. We’ve been fortunate that our team has been playing great. The guys have been playing well together, but the fans have been behind us the whole way.”