Will Hoge’s “Southern Man” is Gripping Indictment of the Confederate Flag

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Growing up in Franklin, Tennessee, Will Hoge was proud to be a Franklin High School Rebel and felt a sort of allegiance to the Confederate flag. Hoge told Rolling Stone, “In my 17-year-old innocent mind, it was exactly what I hear everybody saying now: It’s this sign of independence for a rebel, a guy who is willing to take a stand for something and be his own man.”

After graduating and hitting the road to play music, Hoge’s view of the flag evolved. After the June 17 shooting in Charleston, Hoge felt like he had some conflict to work through and the result was a Southern rock ‘n’ roll ballad, ripe with slashing guitars and gripping vocals.

“Southern Man” was recorded in a single evening at the historic RCA Studio A in Nashville and is much deeper than just a plea to take down the flag.

Hoge pours out his feelings in the tune with courage and conviction, like a lot of other Southerners and is still proud to proclaim his heritage.

Image Source: CMA