12 Hilarious Tweets About The Latest “Bachelorette” Episode and That Windmill

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Here we are again. Another week of The Bachelorette, where Hannah Brown continues searching for the love of her life in the reality series, has come and gone.

In the latest episode that aired Monday night (July 1), you guessed it… Luke Parker is STILL in the running. While Bachelor Nation and the world remains baffled at what Hannah sees in Luke, we continue to watch. Hannah let nice guys Mike, Connor and Garrett go home as Luke survives the cut.

With Tyler C and Pete the Pilot in her midst, she continues to chase after Luke P, who has given her nothing but grief in the 8 or 9 weeks they’ve been together. But we digress. The real star of last night’s episode came at the end in a preview clip for next week. The WINDMILL. That’s right. Hannah, in a heated moment with Luke P, who does not want her having sex with anyone but him, reveals that she had sex with one of the suitors in a windmill. And if that wasn’t enough, she did it twice. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Luke P.

That’s when the windmill became the focus of the season. Who was Hannah with in a windmill, where was the windmill, do we remember windmills in other episodes? Let the games begin. Twitter had a field day with not only the windmill, but Luke P and that moment that Garrett had a hankering for bologna.

Here are 17 hilarious tweets from The Bachelorette.

1. Garrett, you legend gonna miss this quality content #TheBachelorette

2. A moment of silence for all our guys who were sent home tonight you unproblematic Honeys deserve so much better #thebachelorette

3. Luke: you better not have had sex… Hannah: I f***ed in a windmill…..TWICE #TheBachelorette

4. The star of next week’s episode….. #TheBachelorette

5. When the villain is only 5’8” #theBachelorette

6. Me trying to figure out who has the date in the windmill #TheBachelorette

7. This is me rewinding #TheBachelorette to find the windmill. IT WAS JED.👀 (Lmk if you ever need a sidekick,@RealitySteve)

8. Me over here researching all of the guy’s hometowns trying to figure out if they have a lot of windmills #TheBachelorette

9. the windmill, entering the narrative #TheBachelorette

10. Everyone: You said you’d stay in your lane this time Luke P: #TheBachelorette

11.When you realize you have to suffer through another week of Luke P #thebachelorette #BolognaGoggles

12. Luke P entering on Twitter #TheBachelorette

13. Luke P coming back to the guys and his suitcase every week even though he continues to be the worst #TheBachelorette

14. Best part of the entire episode this week #TheBachelorette

15. tyler c trying that pickled herring #TheBachelorette

16. the only thing more mentally ill than what’s happening on the bachelorette is that i spend two hours a week watching it

17. Windmill – 2 Luke P – 0