16 Hilarious Tweets About The Wedding Episode of Bachelor in Paradise


The Bachelor in Paradise is still going strong Tuesday night (Aug. 27), trying to set up heartbroken singles from past Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons.

However, Tuesday night’s episode took a turn, when the BIP cast was invited to Chris and Krytal’s wedding in paradise. You see, Chris and Krystal met on a previous season of Bachelor in Paradise and they wanted to be a loving example to the couples wbo were looking for love.

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But you can’t have a wedding on BIP without drama and John Paul Jones brought the drama by picking a fight with Derek for going after Tayshia. (when really Tayshia went after Derek, but we digress). Oh, and did we mention that fight was in the middle of Chris and Krystal’s cocktail hour. Yep.

Caelynn also shared in her own drama, after being dumped by Dean (who left the show) on her birthday, she couldn’t bare to be at a wedding. That is until Conner walked in as a guest. Then suddenly Caelynn felt much better. Uh huh.

The Twitterverse had a field day with all that went on Tuesday night, we’ll let them speak for themselves. Check out 176hilarious Tweets about the Bachelor in Paradise wedding episode.

1. Caelynn when Dean dumps her vs. Caelynn when she sees Connor #BachelorInParadise

2. John Paul Jones every 5 minutes #BachelorInParadise

3. Are we just going to ignore the most amazing cake topper ever? #BachelorInParadise

4. I can’t unsee the food in Connor’s teeth. #BachelorinParadise

5. The look your new girl gives you when she knows your old girl is in the same room.. #BachelorInParadise

6. #BachelorInParadise producers getting too tired of listing all of Chris B’s appearances and have decided to just go with “Bachelor Series Regular” instead. Legendary.

7. The devil works hard but the BIP producers work harder #BachelorInParadise

“Derek just like has his stuff together”


9. Blake trying to comfort JPJ like #BachelorInParadise


10. Every girl knows “the revenge walk” #BachelorInParadise

11. Bachelor producers making sure Angela and Clay were at the party together without Nicole #bachelorinparadise

12. Dude….Connor and JPJ both took voice lessons from the turtle in Finding Nemo #BachelorInParadise

13. was Jed not available? #BachelorInParadise

14. I can’t unsee Connor as Michael Cera, I’m so sorry to put this on you but I cannot carry this burden alone #BachelorInParadise

15. Demi gives us life in the credits scene!#BachelorInParadise

16. this confirms dean only went on BIP so he could shower in an actual shower #BachelorInParadise