14 Hilarious Tweets About Luke P and Cam From Episode 3 of “The Bachelorette”


As The Bachelorette continues her quest to find love, the audience is becoming more and more familiar with her 25 suitors.

While Jed, Conner, Tyler C and Peter begin to adhere themselves to the hearts of millions around the world, it looks like Cam and Luke P have become the ones we love to hate. Cam has pretty much interrupted every date Hannah goes on and Luke P, who professed his love for Hannah on day 1, has become a bit obsessive.

Those traits have not been lost on the Twitter world, who want to see Luke P. and Cam go home. Hannah’s strong connection with Luke P. is keeping him around, but with the world and all the guys seeing the real Luke, it’s only a matter of time until Hannah gets the full picture.

Check out some hilarious comments from episode 3 of The Bachelorette, ones we can all agree on.

1. “Everyone after Cam made his big announcement.”

2. “Me looking for Cam’s prosthetic leg #TheBachelorette

3. “Luke P: I thought about leaving tonight. Literally Everyone: #TheBachelorette

4. “Things that did NOT ruin Cam’s past two relationships: – amputation – giving dog away – grandma being sick.

Things that probably DID – he is creepy – maybe serial killer? – clingy – too much gel.”

5. “Cam: I have something really serious to talk to Hannah about.

Also Cam: I had a 10 month old puppy I had to rehome. #TheBachelorette

6. “The rest of the guys when Cam leaves #TheBachelorette.”

7. Luke P. last week “I’m falling in love with you.”

Luke P. today “yeah I just don’t know if I’m there with her.” #TheBachelorette

8. “When you remember Cam still doesn’t have a job #TheBachelorette

9. “My mantra for this rose ceremony is as simple as ABC.Anyone But Cam”

10. Luke P is definitely the guy that matches with you on a dating app, and then if you don’t respond right away he says you’re not that attractive anyway. #TheBachelorette

11. “Luke P, will you accept this restraining order?”


12. “I don’t really understand what Cam’s trauma is, but I feel certain that’s not why his last relationships ended.”

13. “Everyone: Cam is the creepiest guy on this season of the Bachelorette.
Luke: Hold my beer…”


14. “Actual footage of me trying to figure out if I hate Cam or Luke P more: