17 Hilarious Tweets About Luke P’s Behavior on The Bachelorette


The drama continues on The Bachelorette as Hannah B continues her search for love. Starting with 30 men, the Alabama native has narrowed it down to 15 and one of those 15 men is still Luke P.

Those strong feelings that Hannah contends she has for Luke P do not sit well with Bachelor Nation fans. The audience are seeing several red flags about about Luke that the bachelorette is just not seeing, or wanting to see. So social media went wild after Monday night’s (June 3) episode where Luke’s behavior went to a new level.

Check out 17 hilarious Tweets from The Bachelorette.

1. “Seeing Luke P’s height next to all the other guys and EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW.”

2. “Luke P. Googling the definition of a psychopath. #TheBachelorette

3. “Luke P to anyone who tries to talk about their relationship with Hannah #TheBachelorette

4.”Luke S. minding his own business: Luke P.:”

5. “Hannah: Who here has a problem with Luke P?  The guys:”

6. “Luke P: tHIS is the definition of a psychopath…”

7. “When Luke P. threw Luke S. under the bus again #TheBachelorette

8. “Hannah ignoring all of Luke P’s red flags #TheBachelorette

9. “Hannah: My feelings for Luke P are probably the strongest I’m sorry WHAT #TheBachelorette

10. “Tyler C sitting there while Luke P and Mike go at it #TheBachelorette “

11. “Live picture of Luke P. in his natural environment. #TheBachelorette

12. “Everyone talking to Hannah about Luke P. #bachelorette

13. “I played high school football, so I’m ready…I know how to be aggressive” okay Luke P we get it you peaked in high school moving on”

14. “Luke P when Hannah breathes next to anyone that’s not him. #thebachelorette

15. “Tyler C leaning away from Luke P is all of America rn #theBachelorette

16. “Love that Luke P. is trying to make us think Luke S. is the villain when Luke S looks like a British boarding school student. #TheBachelorette

17. “Luke P makes Chad from Jojo’s season look “chill” #TheBachelorette