17 Hilarious Tweets About Luke P and Naked Bungee Jumping on “The Bachelorette”

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Another episode of The Bachelorette is in the books and (Spoiler Alert) Luke P. is still hanging around. WHY?

No one knows the answer, only Hannah B. knows why she keeps the man that is hated by the guys on the show and the world. Even Hannah’s conversations with Luke are frustrating and aggravating to her. But yet, she continues to give Luke a rose. Is if for ratings? Does she truly feel something that no one els can see or are we wasting too much time thinking about it?

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Either way, the internet is all up in Hannah’s business and making some hilarious observations about Luke P, Hannah B and of course, naked bungee jumping. Yeah, apparently that’s a thing in Latvia.

Here are 17 hilarious tweets about Hannah B and The Bachelorette drama.

1. “Someone gotta accidentally throw Luke’s passport in the river so he can’t go to the next country”

2. “Luke P looking over at Garret in the other lane #thebachelorette

3. ““there’s goodness inside of you and I see that” HANNAH SWEETIE U NEED TO SEE AN EYE DOCTOR ASAP”

4. “When Luke P gets a rose #TheBachelorette “

5. “Luke P trying to apologize to literally everyone in the house + Hannah #TheBachelorette

6. “Me looking for the “goodness” inside of Luke #TheBachelorette

7. “I love how Jed was trying to audition for his singing career and Tyler completely overshadowed him with his spazzy dancing #TheBachelorette

8. “Everytime Hannah keeps Luke #TheBachelorette

9. “Hannah getting ready to give Luke another chance #TheBachelorette”

10. “The Bachelorette producers every week Hannah keeps Luke #TheBachelorette

11. “Luke staying in his lane #TheBachelorette

12. “Naked bungee jumping and saunas for bonding. Latvia is for lovers. #TheBachelorette “

13. “Luke trying to act cool around all the guys when Garrett was talking about naked bungee jumping #TheBachelorette

14. “Hannah to bachelor producers: I want to go bungee jumping!

Bachelor intern: OK! B

Bachelor producers to intern: have them jump naked #TheBachelorette”

15.”The producers be like: I see your bungee jumping and I raise you to naked bungee jumping #TheBachlorette

16. “Hannah and Garrett bungee jumping naked…if he doesn’t make it to the fantasy suite, we know why #TheBachelorette

17. “when you take a sip of McDonalds sprite #TheBachelorette