21 Hilarious Tweets About The Bachelor’s Dramatic Season Finale


The Bachelor came to an end on Tuesday night (March 10) and what a night it was for Peter Weber.

In the end, Peter chose Hannah Ann to be his fiancée, but Bachelor Nation couldn’t help but wonder if chose her because he really loved her or if it was because she was the only one left. If you recall, Madison left two days before the final rose. So, there really was no choice. At least Peter’s mom, Barb, was happy. That was evident when she broke out in joyful sobbing tears after learning the new that Hannah Ann was the winner.

However, that all ended when Peter couldn’t stop thinking about Madison. And to be honest, he never could. So in an awkward interaction, Peter had to tell Hannah Ann that he couldn’t giver her all of his heart. But what the audience didn’t expect was Hannah’s perfect response and admonishment of Peter. “You took away from me my first engagement. You took that away from me, because I trusted you,” she told Peter.

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Where was this Hannah Ann all season?

And to top it all off, Hannah Ann came back for the live show to give Peter even more of of a piece of her mind. “Word of advice, if you want to be with a woman. You need to become a real man.” BAM! Turns out Hannah Ann was the real winner of the night.

But the show must go on and to keep the drama alive, Chris Harrison took it upon himself to go tell Madison that Peter was single. Turns out Madison was still in love with Peter and wanted a second chance. During the live finale, Madison returned. Peter and Madison said they loved each other and were going to give it a try. And that’s when Barb got her chance to speak. She shared why she didn’t like Madison, because she made them wait three hours to meet her (we’re sure production had nothing to do with that) and she didn’t want to meet them. That gave Barb the go ahead to announce on national television that the whole family and Peter’s friends know it won’t work between the two. Way to go Barb!

That all remains to be seen. But we can’t imagine they have a great shot with Barb in the way. Good luck to all involved. We’re just enjoying the 21 hilarious tweets about the season finale that make it all worthwhile.


1. They say 8 years in the presidency takes a toll on a person… they have no idea what 8 weeks on the bachelor does #TheBachelor

2. Kelley, Kelsey, and Victoria F realizing they don’t have to deal with Barb as their future mother in law #TheBachelor

3. Raise your hand if you’re glad Barb isn’t going to be your mother-in-law #TheBachelor

4. Madison showing up to Easter Dinner at the Weber’s with something special. #TheBachelorFinale

5. Barb to Peter Sr when he was asked if he had anything to say

6. Peter’s dad applying for The Bachelor Senior Edition

7. “I’m choosing Hannah Ann because I 100% know she’s the one.” Or is it because she’s the only one left…?

8. hannah ann and hannah b realizing they dodged the barb bullet #thebachelor

9. When Hannah Ann said Peter reached out to Hannah B for CLOSURE #TheBachelor

10. Hannah Ann is backstage laughing her ass off and swigging some of Kelsey’s champagne. #TheBachelor

11. Hannah Ann at the beginning of this season vs. at the end of this season. We stan an independent queen

12. #TheBachelor is almost thirty, lives at home, says his parents are his best friends, and got a tattoo with a girl he dated for like a week. how are we surprised at the outcome????

13. Wild to remember that all three adults involved in last night’s #TheBachelor finale currently live at home with their parents.

14. I find peace knowing that Madi will forever be in Barb’s vow renewal photos #BachelorNation

15. The Bachelor producers calculating those ratings when they saw the shit storm Peter was creating at the end.

16. foreshadow of Madi and Peter’s relationship #TheBachelor smh

17. I bet barb isn’t getting any love in her DMs tonight! #TheBachelor

18. we all know who is never getting the special plate at madison’s house #TheBachelor

19. It’s comforting to know the likes of Lady Gaga and the biggest stars in the world also sit in front of their TV to watch this crazy show #TheBachelor

20. AND the top 4 worst #TheBachelor’s are….

21. Good night & sweet dreams everyone! Except Peter’s mom, Barb! #TheBachelor