Aaron Carter Shares Message with Fans About Current Mental State: ‘I’m Okay’


The past week has been quite a roller coaster of emotions for Aaron Carter. Yet, on Sunday (Sept. 22,) the former pop star put some worries to rest, telling fans that he’s ‘okay.’

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“I’m well aware many of you have shown concern for me over the past few weeks,” Aaron wrote on Twitter. “Having people who genuinely care for you is something that should never be taken for granted. For as long as I can remember, I’ve chased unconditional love and hoped for true stability in my family. I’ve spent most of my adult life seeking validation from these same people.”

There is no doubt that Carter has been battling some internal demons and mental health struggles as of late. Fans will recall that Carter has been in somewhat of a social media firestorm with his brother Nick Carter, who is best known as a member of the Backstreet Boys. In fact, Nick and his sister Angel filed a restraining order again their brother due to his ‘increasingly alarming behavior.’

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“I have never had thoughts of causing anyone pain, let alone taking anyone’s life. It was hurtful for me to read those things because if these people really knew me, they would have never used that as a tactic to control me. What’s actually more hurtful though, is knowing how effected my innocent nieces and nephews will be by choices the adults around them have made.”

He ended the post with the simple words, ‘For the record: I’m okay.’

Indeed, after posting the message, Carter seemed to be taking some steps in the right direction, saying that he was putting his house up for sale and unfollowing everyone on Twitter in an effort to start over.

“I just put up my house for sale. Now you’ll have no choice but to respect my privacy. I’m moving out of my house because I’m so scared for my safety and all [the] people continuously showing up and harassing me. It’s up for sale. 800k,” he wrote.