Adam Lambert Gets Real About His Mental Health in Letter To Fans


Before releasing his upcoming album, Adam Lambert is sharing a new song, “Feel Something,” with fans along a heartfelt letter to fans about his mental health.

In the letter, Adam talks about the dark place he found himself in, compromising  his artistic vision and having his “mental health suffer because of it.”

“First: Let me offer a most sincere thank you for your patience and continued faith in me,” Adam writes. “You’ve pushed me to keep going even when I felt discouraged. I love making and performing music, but there have been many times where I’ve had to compromise on my artistic vision, with executives making decisions based on money and not art.”

He continued, “Don’t get me wrong – I’m VERY proud of my body of word. But I’m coming out of a dark period of second-guessing my own artistry and having my mental health suffer because of it. I started asking myself, ‘is all this hustle really worth it?’ I put all my focus on my work and started to feel detached in my personal life. My self-worth was suffering. I was lonely and becoming depressed.”

Adam Lambert letter to fans about mental health
Courtesy Adam Lambert Twitter

The singer continued talking about how the fans who have supported him on the tour with Queen were full of love and the band members allowed him to remember his worth, giving Adam new life. With the help of fans and Queen, he was able to pull himself out of the funk he found himself in.

“With a bit of professional help and the support of colleagues, friends and family, I pulled myself out of the darkness. I decided to begin my next album on my own so I wouldn’t be influenced by anything but my passion for music,” Adam said.  “I reached out to fellow writers and artists that I’d met over the years and began booking sessions with them. I wanted to make the music I wanted to make, and to get in the headspace I was in when I first dreamed of being a singer-before playing industry game started messing with my love for music.”

Adam Lambert letter to fans on mental health

After Adam shared that he changed up his team, hiring new management and new record label, he’s ready for a new start. And that start happens now.

With new music under his belt, Adam is sharing a new song with fans called “Feel Something’ He wanted to share that with fans before his new single dropped.

“It’s a preview of the upcoming album and a song from me to you,” Adam added. “It’s called ‘Feel Something.” This was written about me climbing out of the low period, defying my disillusionment, owning my needs, and opening my heart. The life of a bachelor can be a laugh, with plenty of flings, but after awhile it starts to feel empty. Between frustrations with my career and many lost connections, I felt numb- and though I wanted to fall in love. I knew I wasn’t ready. That’s what inspired me to cry out, ‘I don’t need to feel love, I just wanted to feel something!’ It was in this realization that I took my first step toward self-care and nursing my spirit back to health. This song is the emotional starting point of my new album.”

He ends the post saying, “The tracks will chronicle the journey of taking responsibility for my own happiness and strength, and searching for intimacy. Since writing this song, I’ve found the joy I was missing and I’m back in my power. I can’t wait for you to hear more!”

Adam Lambert letter to fans about mental health 2

The song “Feel Something” has Adam singing about longing to rid himself of a numb feeling and to just get back to feeling something, anything at all.

“I don’t need to feel love / I just want to feel something / If it’s never enough / at least it’s better than nothing / after everyone I’ve, lost / and every kiss I wasted / I don’t need to feel love /  just want to feel something / I just want to feel something,” he sings in the song.

“Feel Something” is available now.