Adam Sandler Romantically Serenades Jimmy Fallon [Watch]


In honor of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’s anniversary and Valentine’s Day, comedian and actor Adam Sandler wrote a song expressing his love for Jimmy Fallon— and boy was it romantic. 

As Adam was one of the first guests on the show, It was only right for him to perform his love song on the fifth anniversary. Adam wrote and performed his song “My Jimmy Fallontine,” which is a parody of the classic, “My Funny Valentine.”

The Lyrics:

My Jimmy Fallontine
Sweet little valentine
You make me laugh
When you slow-jam the news
I think it’s pretty cool
You’ve had the same haircut since middle school
And you imitate me with your zaba-daba-doo
When there’s drug tests at NBC
You give Questlove a sample of your pee
You’re like a younger version of me
Except not a jew
Be mine, for goodness’ sake
Break up with Timberlake
It’s Jimmy Fallontine
Happy five years on TV
11:35 Eastern standard time
Too late for me.

This declaration of love wow’d the crowd and It definitely dazzled me! Congrats on five years, Jimmy! And, what a beautiful friendship between Adam and Jimmy.