J-Lo’s Fiancé Alex Rodriguez Shows Off Dance Moves With Jimmy Fallon [WATCH]


Jimmy Fallon invited Alex Rodriguez, former baseball star and Jennifer Lopez’s fiancé, to crash a New York dance class with him for a “Tonight Show” skit, and oh boy, did they bring their hippest dance moves.

At first, I think we all were a little concerned if they were going to make it through the class—right out of the gate they looked overwhelmed at the dance teacher’s energy.

When asked if they were ready, they both admitted they were not, but they manned-up and jumped right into the swing of things with prominent effort.

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After some practice, A-Rod and Jimmy ended up nailing moves like “Where’s My Eggs.” But, Jimmy soon tried to get himself a break; when the coach showed some baseball-themed moves for Alex, Jimmy took the opportunity to suggest that this would be the perfect moment for Alex to shine and for Jimmy to observe.

For the final performance, the boys went all out with their looks— sporting backward caps. They performed much better than expected by their rehearsals— some might even say they have “swag.”

Perhaps J-Lo might need to look into hiring A-Rod as a back-up dancer?