Alicia Silverstone Channels Her “Clueless” Character, Cher Horowitz, for Incredible Lip Sync Battle


Cue the ’90s nostalgia! Alicia Silverstone, star of the hit movie “Clueless,” appeared on Lip Sync Battle to go head-to-head against actress Mena Suvari and she truly knocked it out of the park. Like, totally. 

Mena dressed up as the Queen of Hearts to perform “Groove is in the Heart” while Alicia broke out her signature Cher Horowitz costume, complete with knee-high socks, to perform Iggy Azalea’s hit song “Fancy.” At one point, she even hopped in a Jeep and carried around shopping bags in true Cher Horowitz fashion. 

Honestly, we had no idea how bad we needed to see present-day Cher. Also, major props to Alicia Silverstone for still looking as good in a yellow plaid mini skirt as she did in “Clueless.”