Amanda Kloots Shares Positive Turn for Husband Nick Cordero as He Battles Coronavirus

Nick Cordero and wife Amanda Kloots positive direction coronavirus battle
Photo courtesy Amanda Kloots Instagram

After sharing news that her husband Nick Cordero was going “downhill” in his battle with the coronavirus, Amanda Kloots has returned to Instagram with a positive updates.

It’s been two months since Nick was admitted to the hospital in ICU after being diagnosed with the virus. His wife Amanda has been keeping fans updated on his condition which has had it’s ups and downs over the two month period.

Now, things are looking good as doctors are seeing “success” by flipping Nick’s position from his tummy to his back with a technique called proning, to help patients breathe.

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“They are going to continue doing that with him, where they flip him on his tummy, then flip him on his back, and then put him back on his tummy,” she shared in her Instagram Story. “There’s, like, 16 to 20 hour intervals where they do that. They are seeing some improvements with his oxygen and gas exchange rates when they do that, so that was really good and promising.

“They have also started some new antibiotics, and they also started a high dose of vitamin C to start to work in on his immune system,” she continued. “All these little things seem to be slowly helping and we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that these things will continue to see some improvements.”

Amanda also shared praise for the doctors working with Nick.  “I feel very, very confident in what they are doing there and how they are helping Nick. And I feel really, really good about some of the progress that is hopefully coming our way.”

She continued, “We are on day 56 of being in the ICU with Nick. Wow. My husband, he is a fighter. He is fighting so hard. I can’t imagine how exhausted he is and how tired his body is. He has been through so much,” she added. “But he has defied the odds, you guys. Nick has literally defied odds and I think there’s something to that. You don’t go through all this to not make it through all of this.

“And I just think about him and I think about how tired and exhausted he must be and it helps me to be like, ‘OK. If he can do it, I can do this. I can keep fighting. I can keep hoping. I can keep cheering him on. I can keep singing,'” Kloots continued. “So we are fighting, fighting, fighting every day. Never giving up.”

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As Nick remained unconscious and the virus continued through his body, the doctors had decided to amputate his right leg due to complications. In the process, Cordero also encountered kidney problems in which he was placed on dialysis and an infection in his lung which resulted in another emergency surgery.

We wish him well as he continues to battle the virus.

Amanda Kloots update on husband Nick Cordero