Amanda Kloots Reveals Setback in Husband Nick Cordero’s Condition— “Things Are Going a Little Downhill”

Amanda Kloots shares Nick Cordero condition setback
Photo courtesy Amanda Kloots Instagram.

Amanda Kloots is asking for continued prayers for her husband Nick Cordero, who has been in the battle for his life as he fights the coronavirus.

After sharing the news that Nick was waking up from his coma on May 12, following a harrowing month on the ventilator, Amanda returned with some not so great news. She revealed in her Instagram story that Nick’s condition took a turn for the worse.

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“Nick has had a band morning,” Amanda shared on her Instagram story. “Unfortunately, things are going a little downhill at the moment. So, I am asking again for all the prayers, mega prayers right now.”

She added that she would not be able to do her  live at 3pm dance, which she does every day to pray for her husband Nick. During that time, Amanda asks fans to blast Nick’s song “Live Your Life,” everyday at 3pm to pray for his recovery.

She concluded by saying, “Please cheer and please pray for Nick today. I’m know this virus is not going to get him down. It’s not how his story ends. So just keep us in your thoughts and prayers today, thank you,” she said through tears.

As Cordero remained unconscious and the virus continued through his body, the doctors had decided to amputate his right leg due to coronavirus complications. In the process, Cordero also encountered kidney problems, in which he was placed on dialysis, mini strokes, septic shock and an infection in his lung, which resulted in another emergency surgery.”

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt added her voice to many that are praying for Nick to recover.

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“Miracles are possible. I believe that wholeheartedly. Hold him up in your mind and your heart. We love you Amanda. Even those of us that don’t know you, really we love you. Come on Nick. His story has touched my heart. I’m praying for you and your family,” she said through tears on her Instagram story..

Our thoughts are with Amanda at this incredibly difficult time.