“American Idol” Contestant Johanna Jones Got a Marriage Proposal That Made Katy Perry Breakdown in Tears [Watch]

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Johanna Jones had every right to be nervous on the Monday night (March 25) episode of American Idol. It was Hollywood Week and the long-haired singer was prepping to perform the Chris Isaak song “Wicked Game” in front of judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

But you know who was really nervous?

Her boyfriend Matt Zavoral.

“My hair was in the way so I couldn’t see him come on stage, and when I turned around I was scared because I wasn’t expecting a person right there,” Jones said in an interview about her boyfriend’s now famous proposal. “It took me a couple seconds to recognize who he was, and then it took me another couple of seconds to realize the reason he was there.”

We now know that he was there to ask Jones to marry him after just a year of dating. And there seemed to be no doubt in her mind that the answer was ‘yes.’ The moment ended up being quite emotional for not only the couple and their family, but also for the judges.

“I had no idea Katy Perry would burst into tears like that, and Johanna’s mom was screaming from the audience,” Zavoral said. “Lionel Richie hugged me, Luke Bryan fist bumped me and Katy Perry got tears on my sweater. I don’t know how many actors and actresses that can produce that many tears on demand, she was sobbing.”