The Last Text Jennifer Lawrence Sent Amy Schumer is a Doozie


Earlier this year we got a fun glimpse into Jennifer Lawrence’s friendship with Emma Stone when Emma asked her to go to a party, but decided she didn’t really want to go to the party. Then, we got to know all about J. Law’s alter-ego Gail after got wasted on “The Ellen Show” and told the world about her.

Now, the tables have turned a bit and J. Law’s BFF Amy Schumer shared one of the last texts she got from the Oscar-winning actress and it’s as funny as it sweet.

First, J. Law wants to get dinner with Amy and her new husband Chris. Simple. 


Then, she wants Amy to know she’s going to the park. 


But, then, she drops a real bomb revealing that she can’t eat dinner. She has plans. 


She shared all of this before Amy could even text back.