Angelina Jolie Returns in Disney Sequel “Maleficient: Mistress of Evil” Trailer [Watch]

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Angelina Jolie is back as the dark and mysterious Maleficent in the new Trailer for Disney’s sequel, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

On Monday (July 8), Disney released an new  trailer for the sequel in which the 44-year-old actress reprises her role as the powerful fairy. In the new movie, which stars Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfeiffer and Elle Fanning, Maleficent and Aurora, played by Elle, are at odd about the love.

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“Love doesn’t always end well, Beastie,” Maleficent says after Aurora reveals that Prince Phillip asked her to marry him.

“Trust me, let us prove you wrong,” Aurora responds.

That’s when the action begins and Michelle Pfeiffer is introduced as Queen Ingrith, who is wanting to take over the care of Aurora.

“You have done an admirable jog going against your own nature to raise this child, but now she will finally get the love of a real mother,” the Queen says, “Tonight I consider Aurora my own.”

That does not sit well with Maleficent and a war between the two ladies breaks out, where Aurora cries to Maleficent saying ‘This is not you.” And Maleficent assures her that she does not know her.

At the end of the trailer, Chiwetel Ejiofor appears as a new creature that confronts Maleficent. “You spent years caring for a human. Now it’s time to care for your own.”  Here we go.

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The Disney website describes the film synopsis. “‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ is a fantasy adventure that picks up several years after ]Maleficent,’ in which audiences learned of the events that hardened the heart of Disney’s most notorious villain and drove her to curse a baby Princess Aurora. The film continues to explore the complex relationship between the horned fairy and the soon to be Queen as they form new alliances and face new adversaries in their struggle to protect the moors and the magical creatures that reside within.”

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil hits theaters on Oct. 18.