Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Battle With Anxiety

anne hathaway
anne hathaway

We have watched her on the silver screen and we have watched her on the red carpet and we have watched her succeed as a wife and mother. But never did we think we would watch as actress Anne Hathaway dealt with anxiety.

Yet, in a new interview, she admits that we have been doing just that throughout the years.

“I’m not big on looking back,” the 36-year-old says. “But I remember 10 years ago being so scared going into the whole awards season and doing what I thought I was supposed to do, so I barely ate anything at Christmas…I thought movie stars had to have a certain body. I was just smoking, just smoking my nerves away and wasn’t nourishing myself.”

Come to find out that throughout the years, Hathaway says she has dealt with ‘feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, nervousness, and anxiety. And much like the rest of us, she tried her best to mask it. But in time, she found out not only how to live with it, but thrive within it.

“I just figured out how to say thank you to life by taking care of myself,” she says. “By not apologizing for taking up space, which is not something I knew how to do 10 years ago. It’s been a journey. I don’t look that different, but I just feel like the inside has transformed so much.”