New Interview Shows Late Anthony Bourdain Gushing Over His Daughter: “That’s All I Can Do As a Father”


Months before his untimely death, renowned chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain took some time to sit and reflect on the people he loved the most, most notably his daughter Ariane. In a brand new interview recently published, Bourdain talked about how he was trying his best to be a good example to her as to how to live life.

“All you can do is show,” he said in the interview. “Like, in my case, my daughter feels loved. She knows she’s loved. She has good self-esteem. Very important. And good martial arts skills. So no man, no boy … she knows she can take any boy in her age group.”

And while the response may have been light-hearted, Bourdain went on with a bit more serious reflection. “That’s all I can do as a father,” he explained. “I can’t pick all of the things that … you know. I can’t. She so far ahead of me. I can’t pick her music, her boyfriends, whatever, however she’s going to turn out.”

It’s as if you could almost here the pride for her in his voice.

“I think how resolute she is, how much she wants to change the world, is willing to sacrifice in order to change the world,” Bourdain continued, taking no credit for it. “That’s gonna have to come from within.”