13 Hilarious Tweets About Bachelor in Paradise’s After the Final Rose


Bachelor in Paradise came to end Tuesday night (Sept. 17) with some couple’s finding love and others…well, didn’t.

Dylan and Hannah are engaged, Chris and Katie are engaged, Kristian and Demi are engaged and Peter Weber is the newest Bachelor.  However, everyone else will have to move on.

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But before we move on, the Twitterverse let us know exactly how they were feeling about the Bachelor in Paradise goings on. From their feelings about Blake and Caelynn and Tayshia and JPJ to Peter becoming the new Bachelor, they let us now their thoughts.

Here are 13 Hilarious Tweets about the Bachelor in Paradise season finale.

1. How Blake ended this season on Bachelor in Paradise #BachelorInParadise

2. Guess we’re gonna have to take this one back #BachelorInParadise

3. Hannah knowing America has discovered Caelynn as the manipulative psycho she is #BachelorInParadise

4. America watching a private discussion that should be held in a therapists office not national tv #BachelorInParadise

5. omg I’ve never seen this pic of caelynn and dean before #bachelorinparadise

6.Where’s Clay and Nicole? #bachelorinparadise

7. The popular vote vs the electoral college #thebachelor #bachelorinparadise

8. I’m starting to remember why he’s been on this show 50,000 times #BachelorInParadise

9. Don’t worry @ Bachelor Editors, I fixed it for you. #BachelorInParadise

10. Who wore it best? #BachelorInParadise

11. Bruh they made me come on this show knowing damn well Demi Lovato is waiting for me in the back #BachelorInParadise

12. Chris: how is your engagement going?


13. Chasen, the other pilot, watching Peter the Pilot become the next Bachelor