Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Speaks out on Diversity in Bachelor Series — “They Have to Give Us a Black Bachelor for Season 25”


As protests agains police brutality among the black community continue throughout the country, the first African American Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, is speaking out about diversity within the Bachelor family.

In a new interview with Afterbuzz, Rachel reveals that she will not continue associating with the franchise unless big changes are made.

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When asked if she expects the Bachelor franchise to do anything about diversity, Rachel responded by saying, “I think the pressure is so great and I hate that it had to get  to this,  but I have said, ‘they have casted for forty seasons and in forty seasons you’ve had been one black lead. We are on forty five presidents and in forty five presidents there has been one black president. You are almost on par to say that you are more likely to become the President of the United States than you are to become a black lead in this franchise. That’s ridiculous.”

She went on to discuss not speaking out on past actions of contestants that did racist things and speaking the audience the franchise caters to, Rachel says that they have to have change.

“If we’re going around talking about Black Lives Matter and what’s important and how we need systemic change in so many different ways, well then let’s talk about systemic change when it comes to The Bachelor franchise.  We got to change some things there, too. And I don’t know how you are a part of the Bachelor franchise and you’re watching what’s happening in our country right now and you don’t self reflect that you’ve been part of the problem as you continue to perpetuate this type of behavior” Lindsay said.

“I think that they have to, at this point, give us a black Bachelor for season 25. You have to. I don’t know how you don’t,” she added.  “And it’s been asked of me, will I continue in this franchise if it continues in this way? I can’t. I have to see some type of change. It’s ridiculous. It’s embarrassing. At this point, it’s embarrassing to be affiliated with it.”

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Many fans were disappointed when Mike Johnson was overlooked in favor of Peter Weber for Season 24’s Bachelor.

“We do what we can to bring people in from all [types of backgrounds] — particularly looking for people of color, for sure. We’re trying to figure out how to do that better,” Bachelor executive producer Martin Hilton shared with ET after choosing Weber.

The Bachelor for Season 25 has yet to be named.