Old ‘The More You Know’ Commercial with Betty White is Pretty Creepy When Taken Out of Context

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As Dolly Parton celebrates her Imagination Library giving away its 100 millionth book, I happened across another National Treasure, Betty White, promoting books in one of those old ‘The More You Know’ commercials on NBC.

The commercial features Betty in a classic wicker chair, wearing a bright yellow shirt with giant shoulder pads. Though she’s holding a book, it takes a few seconds to know what Betty is talking about– especially because she’s you know, kind of old.

“Before I was old enough to date, I had already experience a dozen glorious romances. I also had known the terror of going down with the Titanic,” she said before continuing on with, “the triumph of the ‘The Little Engine That Could’ and solving a case with Sherlock Holmes.”

Then, she tells everyone to read a book. But, for a second, I thought Betty was trying to tell me she was on the Titanic and survived.