Beyoncé’s Father Mathew Knowles Proclaims That He is a Survivor of Breast Cancer


Beyoncé’s father Mathew Knowles wants people to know a few things.

He wants you to know that men can get breast cancer. He wants people know that you need to be proactive. And he wants you to know that he not only was diagnosed with breast cancer, but he is now a survivor of it.

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“I immediately went to my doctor,” said Knowles after noticing dots of blood on his shirts and sheets and quickly went to his doctor to get a mammogram, an ultrasound and a needle biopsy. “It was very clear that I had breast cancer.”

According to his interview with Good Morning America on Tuesday (Oct. 1), Knowles’ said that one of his breasts was removed in July, and plans to remove the other one at the beginning of the year, just to be extra cautious.

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“I’m doing really good,” said the 67-year-old, who is the father of not only Beyoncé, but also singer Solange. “I’m doing all the steps for recovery. I stopped drinking. I wanted to have a clean bill of health; do things like exercise, meditate. Things that used to be important are not important to me now. I just look at the world differently.”

Matthew also revealed that his whole family went and got tested for the breast cancer gene following his diagnosis.

“They handled it like they should. They went and got the test,” Matthew shared. And he urges everyone to get tested for early detection.