Billy Bush Is Returning to Television— “One Moment Doesn’t Define Your Life”


It’s been over two years since Billy Bush found himself embroiled in a controversy surrounding a 2005 interview he did with Donald Trump.

“I own the moment,” Bush tells People magazine of the interview, which showed Bush laughing as Trump bragged about groping women. “It was a bad moment. And I was in it. But one moment doesn’t define your life.”

And now, as he returns to television as the host of the new show Extra Extra, Bush says he’s a changed man.

“We all have to be able to evolve as we grow,” Bush says. “The guy that left the scene in 2016 was already a changed person [since 2005], but I had the opportunity to grow up a little bit. Facing adversity in some way is good. And I feel I’ll be better at my job than I ever was. This is my next step.”

And while much time has passed since the television personality’s firing over the interview, Bush says those days continue to haunt him a bit.

“I fell completely apart,” says Bush. “I’ve been through resentment and anger and being inconsolable. But then I realized I had an opportunity to put one foot in front of the other and get going.”

This new show, which is set to debut this fall, will allow Bush to finally do that.

“I might have been a little too into my own world before,” he says. “And I don’t care about that as much anymore. And it’s made me slow down. I was terrible at being alone. And I’ve learned to sit with myself.”