Bindi Irwin Opens Up on Relationship With Boyfriend Chandler Powell


When “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin tragically passed away in 2006, he left behind his wife, Terri, and his two kids, Robert (2) and Bindi Sue (8). Nearly 12 years later, his family continues to honor his legacy as they work with wildlife at the Australia Zoo— and Bindi Sue’s boyfriend has joined in on the fun, too.

Bindi, who is now 20, first met Chandler Powell when he was a professional wakeboarder visiting Australia from Florida. While in town, he wanted to visit the Australia Zoo, where Bindi happened to be giving tours.

“It just so happened that Bindi was giving tours that day,” he told People. “I’m like, ‘Wow she is amazing.’”

From there, the rest is history. “We haven’t looked back since,” he said.

Now, Chandler has joined Bindi, Robert, and Terri at the Australia Zoo. “He loves wildlife and conservation and he has this strength, which is necessary when you’re jumping on crocs,” Bindi said of Powell.

Bindi Irwin Instagram / @bindisueirwin

Even Bindi’s little brother is a fan. “One of the first times Chandler came to the zoo I wanted to kind of test him, just to see what would happen. So we had him feeding alligators and he did awesome. I’m very impressed. He’s great with wildlife so I approve,” Robert said.

As for what’s ahead for the couple, Bindi says they’re simply enjoying their time together.

“It’s interesting, as human beings we’re always so rushed with things, so you know, ‘When are you going to start dating?’ ‘When are you going to get married?’ ‘When are you going to have kids?’ When are you going to have another kid?’ Every single step. And so I think we all need to just revel in the now,” she said.

Chandler says he feels the same way. “We’re really happy at the moment,” he said. “We just love traveling together and working in the zoo.”

Bindi Irwin Instagram / @bindisueirwin

You can catch Chandler Powell and Bindi Sue as they appear on the Irwin’s new Animal Planet Show, “Crikey! It’s The Irwins!”