Bindi Irwin Gets Emotional Over Old Video Clip of Late Father Steve Irwin


You may grow up, but a girl always needs her daddy. And when that daddy is no longer here, it can rip out your heart. Just ask Bindi Irwin.

“Every time I watch this clip my heart overflows with emotion,” Irwin wrote on Twitter on Thursday (March 28) alongside an old interview clip with her father Steve Irwin, best known as The Crocodile Hunter.

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“The people we love are always with us. Love lives on no matter what & I think that is the most beautiful thing about our existence. Thank you, Dad, this moment captured on camera made my whole life.”

Fans will recall that Steve Irwin died in 2006 after being pierced in the heart by a stingray during one of his many dangerous expeditions.

“I never wanted to be a dad,” Steve Irwin can be heard saying in the clip. “I couldn’t really give a rip. And now I am the proudest father, I gotta tell ya.”

He goes on to say, “Who would have thought someone as ugly as me could bring into the world something so beautiful, such a treasure?”

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Even back then, Steve Irwin seemed aware of what living in the spotlight might mean for his daughter.

“One of the greatest battles that I’ve got is trying to keep Bindi normal,” he said. “Like, spending as much time as she wants with other kids, but also by the same token taking her everywhere. You know, take her out of school if I’m goin’ jumpin’ on crocs, then by crikey I want her jumpin’ on crocs with me.”

He would be so proud of her, wouldn’t he?