Watch the “Dancing With The Stars” Performance That Sealed the Deal for Bobby Bones


Throughout Season 27 of Dancing with the Stars, contestant Bobby Bones has received much flack about his dancing abilities from both judges and fans alike. Yet, on Monday’s (Nov. 19) show, the radio host and American Idol advisor showed them all by winning the dance competition show.

In fact, on the finale of the show, Bones and partner Sharna Burgess actually received their first perfect score of the season with their freestyle to “The Greatest Show” by Panic! At The Disco. The conclusion of the dance even had Bones doing his signature ‘floss’ dance.

And even when his name was announced as the winner, he still couldn’t believe it.

“We were shocked,” Bones admitted after the show to Entertainment Tonight. “You have to think about it, [when] we started the show, I had never danced before! She got stuck with someone — she’s done [the show with] athletes and people that are like super [talented], she got Nick Carter and Antonio Brown, and then all of a sudden she gets Gumby. I cannot believe we won.”

Bones added that he felt especially grateful for the win since it was the first time his partner Burgess actually won the show after 12 seasons of trying. Of course, many wondered if Bones was worthy of being crowned the winner. So what do you think?