Duane “Dog” Chapman’s Daughter Bonnie Chapman Hospitalized After Excrutiating Back Pain

Dog Chapman daughter Bonnie Chapman hospitalized 2
Photo courtesy Bonnie Chapman Instagram

After Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter, Bonnie Chapman, posted an image of a hospital wristband with the words “Finally Home” on her Instagram story, rumors circulated as to why the 20-year-old was admitted.

Many speculated that her hospitalization was related to her mother Beth Chapman’s death. However, Bonnie is clearing up any misconceptions with a current post on her story.

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“Hey guys, I was hospitalized due to a bad case of sciatica. If you watched my live a couple days ago, I was in a lot of pain due to my back. This pain came back Tuesday, and yesterday I went to the hospital for the pain,” she wrote.

She went on to describe the situation. “I had a heartbeat of 130 bpm which was worrying because normally 100 and below is good. I’m not in excruciating pain anymore, but I still have some healing to do.”

Bonnie Chapman daughter of Dog Chapman hospitalized back pain

Dog Chapman daughter Bonnie Chapman hospitalized

Bonnie recently lost her mother Beth to throat cancer, which she battled for years. The young daughter spoke at her mom’s memorial service in Colorado, sharing her grief.

“I’ve never imagined I would lose my mom at 20,” Bonnie said. “I never imagined walking down the aisle without her or her not judging my dress. I never imagined a life without her, it’s really tough now being without her.”

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Soon after her mom’s death, her father, Duane “Dog” Chapman was hospitalized for heart issues, which caused him difficulty in breathing.

“I couldn’t breathe,” said Dog. “It was like I had ran a 3- or 4-mile run. There’s something haywire or it’s psychologically. I don’t know. I guess things happen like that.”

We hope that Bonnie recovers smoothly and gets well soon.