Brie Bella Calls Out Twin Sister Nikki for First Grade Fiasco


Nikki and Brie Bella have been through much throughout their professional and personal life, but come to find out that some of the things they went through during their childhood are still fresh in their mind. One of those stories was told on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday (Jan. 25.)

“I talk to my therapist about this all of the time,” said Brie. “We go back to first grade. I was dressed like a clown because of a play we were doing. I went to the teacher and said I needed to go to the restroom really bad and she goes ‘rehearsals are almost done.’ She said no.”

“She started peeing on the stage,” Nikki then exclaimed. “Literally everyone started running off the stage. She was the saddest clown just peeing like this. I was like, ‘that’s not my sister.’ I knew it was my sister but I ran and left her on the stage. She was a peeing clown.”

The two stuck around to also tell the story of when Nikki gave the whole grammar school lice.

“I was the first one who itched and admitted,” Nikki laughed. The two continue to star on Total Bellas on Sunday nights on E!.