Britney Spears Booed After Mixing Up City Names

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Another day, another city. Such is the life of a touring artist. So when an artist like Britney Spears opens her show, saying hello to the crowd, we can understand if she mixes up the name of the city. Right?

Wrong. When Britney was performing in Blackpool, England on the final day of her Piece of Me Tour, the Louisiana native made the mistake of calling the city by another name.

“How you feeling Birmingham?…I mean, Blackpool,” she yelled from the stage. You could hear some in the crowd begin to laugh but that laughter soon turned into boos. But Britney didn’t miss a beat continuing on. “I’m gonna get emotional with you guys. This is my last show of piece of me,” she continued. And the boos subsided quickly.

But really, what’s in a name?

Britney’s Piece of Me Tour kicked off on June 3, 2017 in Asia, making it’s way through North America for the second leg of the tour, and wrapping up on Sept. 1 in Blackpool, England.