These Videos of Britney Spears and Her Boyfriend “Working Out” Are Really Something


Here’s what I know: Britney Spears is a pop superstar still doing the damn thing and she’s about to head out on tour this summer almost 20 years after she released her debut single, “…Baby One More Time.” That’s impressive for a number of reasons, but mostly 20 years is a long time and Britney may be in better shape now than she was at 16.

And that’s because she’s doing all kinds of new workouts with boyfriend Sam Asghari, who is a sports model, which sounds like a car, but apparently is a thing people do.

Recently, on Instagram, Britney has been posting videos of herself working out in clothes that I don’t think were made with sweating in mind, but hey– she’s killing it. Those shorts are the shorts you sleep in when everything else is dirty because you’ve owned them since junior high and you’re excited they still fit. Those are not high-impact athletic shorts.


Inappropriately clothed or not, Britney’s “workouts” with Sam are even more impressive. First, there was the time they did a dance and at the end he lifted her up in the air and who knew that was something real people could do?

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some days you just got to dance! @samasghari

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And then, the couple really went to town. First, Britney does a few sit-ups but suspended with her legs around Sam’s waist.

Then, Britney planked (still a thing?) over Sam’s body and did a few leg lifts. Sam then did push-ups with Britney holding onto his legs. Of course, Sam bench-pressed Britney, because– #couplesgoals. And finally, Britney did a handstand.