Cameron Boyce’s Official Cause of Death Has Been Revealed

Cameron Boyce cause of death epilepsy
Photo courtesy Victor Boyce Instagram

Soon after actor Cameron Boyce’s death on July 6, his family speculated that he had died in his sleep due to an epileptic seizure. And now, it has been confirmed that their hunch was right.

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According to a report from the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner on Tuesday (July 30) and reported on by various news outlets, it was confirmed that The Disney Channel star’s cause of death was in fact a sudden unexpected death due to epilepsy. The initial autopsy was done on July 8.

The family released a statement to Good Morning America regarding their son’s death.

“Cameron’s tragic passing was due to a seizure as a result of an ongoing medical condition, and that condition was epilepsy,” the Boyce family spokesperson said.

The official statement certainly was another heartbreaking moment for not only Boyce’s fans, but for the people who worked with him on set each and every day.

“When I heard about Cameron, I had just woken up early in a London hotel room to the sound of my phone ringing off the hook,” Boyce’s Descendants co-star Dove Cameron says in a new interview with Seventeen magazine. “I was nervous about why I could be getting so many texts and calls, so I only looked at my mother’s text. I knew she would be the gentlest, and the most concise, whatever it was. It explained what had happened and I immediately phoned Boo Boo [Stewart], who had already called me twice. We just sobbed without speaking. If there was a word stronger than devastated that could describe the depth of pain that I was feeling, I would use it.”

Earlier this month, Cameron’s father Victor Boyce announced the creation of The Cameron Boyce Foundation, which honors the legacy of their son.

“The Cameron Boyce Foundation. Retweet retweet retweet!!!!!!🙏🏾 ,” he wrote. “Let’s not talk about it, let’s BE about it! Let’s do good as Cameron would. Let’s keep his legacy alive!”

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Victor also took to Instagram to say, “Now is the time to make a change. Donate what you can. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Let’s keep Cameron’s legacy alive and make a positive difference in the World.”

According to the foundation website, “The Cameron Boyce Foundation provides young people artistic and creative outlets as alternatives to violence and negativity and uses resources and philanthropy for positive change in the world.”