Cameron Mathison Reveals He’s Cancer Free After Surgery To Remove Tumor

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Cameron Mathison announces he is cancer free after surgery to remove tumor
Photo courtesy Cameron Mathison Instagram

Cameron Mathison is cancer free. After being diagnosed with a tumor in his kidney that is consistent with renal cell carcinoma, the actor underwent surgery to remove the cancer.

During his first night out since the successful surgery, Cameron spoke with Extra at the American Humane Hero Dog Awards alongside wife Vanessa.  In the interview, he updated fans on his condition.

“I’m feeling really, really well. It’s three weeks out of surgery and I honestly didn’t even think that I would be feeling up for coming here tonight, to be part of this event,” he told “Extra” “The recovery has been great, the surgery went really well, the prognosis is very optimistic.”

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He continued, “It sounds like it’s been a lot of bad news lately, but really I’ve been so lucky and I’ve had a lot of good news through all this journey, so I’m doing great.”

Cameron went on to explain the procedure he went through to remove the cancer.

“They removed the tumor on my right kidney. In doing so they removed part of the kidney itself but left the majority of it, and then when they did the pathology report and they checked the margins around the tumor, all of that was free and clear of cancer, leading them to believe all indications (are) that the cancer is out and gone,” he said. “It has not spread to lymph nodes, lungs, any other organs, so I’m cancer-free.”

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The Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family host revealed that he was diagnosed with the cancer in September.

“I just felt like something was wrong, it just wasn’t quite right,” Cameron said in a Good Morning America interview on Wednesday (Sept. 11). The radiology report said that there is a 4.2 centimeter mass on the right kidney that is consistent with renal cell carcinoma. And I’m just standing there thinking to myself, ‘I know this just one of those dreams. I know I’m just about to wake up.’ I really was generally trying to make myself wake up from that moment thinking that this is just so surreal.”

It’s good to see Cameron out and about and we wish him well with his recovery.