Hallmark Channel Host Cameron Mathison Reveals Kidney Cancer Diagnosis


Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family host Cameron Mathison has finally found an answer to the questions he’s been asking for a long time. The former soap opera star knew something was wrong with his health but he couldn’t get an answer to what it was…until now.

Cameron revealed to fans that he has been diagnosed with tumor in his kidney that is consistent with renal cell carcinoma.

“I just felt like something was wrong, it just wasn’t quite right,” Cameron said in a Good Morning America interview on Wednesday (Sept. 11). The radiology report said that there is a 4.2 centimeter mass on the right kidney that is consistent with renal cell carcinoma. And I’m just standing there thinking to myself, ‘I know this just one of those dreams. I know I’m just about to wake up.’ I really was generally trying to make myself wake up from that moment thinking that this is just so surreal.”

At that moment the actor had to call his wife, Vanessa, to break the news to her.

“That was tough because at that time also I didn’t know anything,” he revealed. “I didn’t know if this was a death sentence. I din’t know if it had spread. I knew from the radiology report it hadn’t gone to my lymph nodes but I didn’t know much other than that.”

His wife’s response? “We got this. We’re gonna beat it,” Mathison shared. “First thing out of her mouth. She just went into supportive mode and strong mode and being there for me.”

However, the 50-year-old’s diagnosis didn’t come quickly. The was visiting doctors for years trying to figure out why he was having the pain. He then took his health into his own hands and demanded that doctors get an MRI to find out what was wrong. The MRI showed the mass on his kidney.

“I got a call and I saw my doctor’s number on come up on my phone and I thought, ‘this isn’t good.’ Cameron said. “This has been in me a minimum, minimum ten years, likely longer. I don’t drink. I eat incredibly healthy. I eat a very low sugar, low carbohydrate diet. The things that likely in our best guest have helped if from spreading and growing even quicker.”

Cameron will undergo surgery Thursday (September 12)  and remain in the hospital for a few days after. We wish the actor well with his surgery.