Candace Cameron Bure Documents Trip to Hospital After Brother Kirk Cameron Runs Over Her With Go-Kart

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Candace Cameron Bure Instagram / @candacecbure

Candace Cameron Bure is always keeping it real— but her documentation of a trip to the emergency room after a family day at the go-kart track is about as real as it gets.

Candace took to her Instagram stories to share a series of events after she and her siblings went to race go-karts. “Went go-karting with my brother and two sisters. I’ve been released now but was in the ER. Clearly, I am fine … but got some damage to my hand, but it’s not broken, and my shoulder, but it’s not broken,” she said in a video.

She also shared a photo of her wedding rings, saying getting them off of her hand was excruciatingly painful. “Those used to be perfectly round rings until the caught the underside of the go-kart as it drove on top of me,” she said with the photo.

“Getting them off was excruciating, but I’m grateful the ER paramedic was able to do it without cutting them off.”

Candace Cameron Bure Instagram Story / @candacecbure

And, for the record, Candace wanted to clarify that she did, indeed, win the go-kart race. “And as if you need to ask…I won,” she posted.

Candace also shared a pretty gruesome photo of her hand which is NOT to be viewed by the faint of heart (or faint of stomach).

Candace Cameron Bure Instagram Story / @candacecbure

Earlier in the day, Candace shared an adorable photo alongside her siblings, saying, “The Cameron kids 2018. Getting some good ol’ fashioned family time in with my brother and sisters.”