Celebrities Lash Out in Disgust Over the Pushing of an Elderly Protestor by Buffalo Police


Kelly Clarkson is just one of a slew of celebrities speaking out over a video that shows an elderly protestor being pushed by Buffalo police during a Black Lives Matter protest. According to reports, the 75-year-old white man is now in the hospital, in stable but serious condition. And two of the police officers who were involved in the incident are now suspended without pay.

But the pain over the shocking video continues.

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“To every single cop in this video that walked by that poor man bleeding out of his head after he was OBVIOUSLY pushed, WHY ARE YOU A COP???!!!!!” Clarkson angrily wrote on her Twitter page on Thursday (June 4.) “To all the great cops out there, CALL THESE SORRY EXCUSE FOR HUMANS OUT!!”

When one follower responded to Clarkson that the video might have been set up or even fake, the singer lashed out.

“Here’s the problem with what you’re saying (if it was fake,)” the former American Idol winner replied. “NOT ONE of those cops knew anything in that moment other than an elderly man was pushed down and now there’s blood on the ground and he could be dying. Unless these are special, magical cops that know all.”

Of course, Clarkson was not the only one affected by the video. Everyone from Maren Morris to Seth Rogen ended up reacting to the video.

“Why is it so difficult for us to hold our cops accountable?,” Maren said. “Is it because it rocks the core of our beliefs that we’re really safe? I’m not going to repost the Buffalo video because it’s vile but it was SO easy for them to lie in the report. Cell phones have become detectives.

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In a subsequent Tweet, Maren added, “How many “bad apples” just walked by that 75-year-old man on the ground so it wasn’t their responsibility to offer him medical aid?” Morris said. “The excessive force with impunity until a civilian or journalist catches you on camera…”

“Again, if they’re doing this to old white men ON camera, imagine what the fu** is happening off camera,” Rogen added.

Kacey Musgraves also shared the video with her own comments. “**warning** This is highly disturbing, unacceptable, and needs explaining @BPDAlerts An elderly man AND NOBODY HELPS HIM!? What the f**k.”

Mickey Guyton added, “I just saw the most disturbing video of an elderly white man being shoved by a police officer causing him to stumble $ fall & crack his skull. I can’t even post it, it’s horrible. It almost made me sick. I say this because his life matters too and that should never EVER happen.”