Bradley Cooper Makes Jimmy Fallon Walk Backstage Mid-Interview to Prove a Hilarious Point

NBC/The Tonight Show

Through the years, the comedic chemistry between actor Bradley Cooper and talk show host Jimmy Fallon has been fairly evident. And yes, it was on display again on Wednesday, as the two ended up walking off the set of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Granted, it’s not what you might think.

It all started around midway into the interview, when Cooper started wondering if he was wearing the same suit as he did during this last visit on the talk show. As they swapped laughter about the sheer idea of that happening, Fallon suggested going out into the hallway to check the pics hanging on the wall just outside of the studio.

And yes, that’s exactly what they did.

And yes, he was, in fact, wearing the same suit.

Of course, Cooper was on the show to promote his much anticipated new movie “A Star is Born,” which also stars the talented Lady Gaga. The two came together originally after Cooper saw the songstress perform “La Vie En Rose” at a cancer benefit in 2016.

“She just decimated the room and that’s why that scene is in the movie,” he explains. “And we just clicked.”