Chip Gaines Talks Being in the “Doghouse” With Joanna


Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines look like the perfect couple with the perfect family and ideal life. But as any couple knows, looks can be deceiving. And yes, Chip sometimes finds himself in the doghouse.

“Boy, when either of us are off the tracks or kind of lost our minds in one way or the other, you know, a little look, a little side eye certainly goes a long way for sure,” Chip said in a recent interview about him and his wife’s common confrontations.

“And she’s got a nasty one. She’s scary.”

Scary? Not our Joanna!

But the fact is that these two people are very different from one another in some ways, and it’s been something they have had to juggle throughout their marriage.

“For me, I was just never status quo,” Chip says in the interview when asked about his persona of being a bit of a rule breaker.

“Even now, I try not to be too obnoxious about it, because sometimes when you’re not a rule follower, that can get a bit heavy and even a little one-sided. My wife is ironically exactly opposite. She’s an extreme rule follower. She’s very cautious, very thoughtful. So I’ve been able to navigate the pros and cons of both of those concepts.”

The New Year certainly brings new challenges for the couple, who are prepping to have their own lifestyle network in the future.