John Cena Said ‘Every Day is Difficult’ Between Him and Nikki Bella, But He Still Can’t Live Without Her


Since getting engaged to Nikki Bella, John Cena has been fairly open about the ups and downs of their relationship. Back in February, WWE star John Cena appeared on Today to talk with Kathie Lee and Hoda about his relationship with fiancée Nikki Bella following a dramatic scene on E!’s “Total Bellas.” In the scene, we saw John and Nikki having a tearful conversation, Nikki going so far as to say: “So do we really want to call this off?”

Since then, Cena has changed his tone and can officially confirm that they will indeed get married, but that doesn’t mean their relationship is without its issues.

“Every day is difficult. I worked from six in the morning to two in the morning yesterday, slept for two and a half hours, literally rolled out of bed while she’s still asleep, got to kiss her on the forehead,” he shared. “As soon as I got in the car, I sent her a text saying thank you for your understanding, this is a tough time, I know we’ll have time to be together soon. Those times will be very special.”

He then went on to say that though his relationship is tough, it’s all worth it to be with the woman of his dreams.

“Relationships are hard. They are very tough,” he said. “We are where we are because we tackle tough stuff head-on. We have a lot of tough moments and a lot of hard and difficult conversations, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love the girl and I can’t live without her.