Kristen Bell Shares Hilarious Pictures of Herself Crying During Daughter’s Preschool Graduation


When it comes to motherhood and parenting, it’s hard to not get emotional thinking about your kid’s big milestones— their first steps, first words, and of course, graduating from preschool to head to kindergarten.

Kristen Bell, who is always keeping things real, took to Instagram to share a picture of herself as she attended her daughter Lincoln’s preschool graduation ceremony. “Don’t worry guys I’m having a great time at preschool graduation. I’m not a mess or anything,” she captioned the first photo.

Kristen Bell Instagram Story / @kristenanniebell

She quickly followed that photo up with another photo saying, “OK I was lying before, please send help.”

Kristen Bell Instagram Story / @kristenanniebell

And all the mamas out there said, been there!