Shawn Mendes and Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Battle Over Justin Timberlake’s Friendship


Fans have long known the close friendship between talk show host Jimmy Fallon and music superstar Justin Timberlake. But now, it looks like there might be another guy to enter into the mix.

That guy is Shawn Mendes.

On Thursday’s (Sept. 27) episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the “In My Blood” hit maker came on the show to talk about the new friend he has found in Timberlake during a recent show in Las Vegas.

“We’re actually pretty good friends now,” Mendes reveals to Fallon, who jokingly looked like he was a tad offended by the budding friendship. “It was the coolest thing of my entire life.”

“Have you guys ever done bits with him? He likes you,” Fallon said, adding, “I mean, he likes other people, too.”

“It’s rare that he brings people on stage, so he must really like me,” Mendes concluded.

Aww…can’t we all just get along?

Of course, we have a feeling that these three will work it out eventually, especially since Mendes and Fallon look like they have a pretty fun time together. In fact, Mendes stuck around to play a game of “Slay It, Don’t Spray It” during the show. The game, which had the two singing karaoke while being sprayed with water, had them taking on songs such as Cardi B’s “I Like It” and Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like”.