Celine Dion Twerked While Doing a Rihanna Impression on “The Tonight Show”

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Remember when Ana Gasteyer used to host the “Celine Dion Show” on “Saturday Night Live”? It was this magical, weird thing that always ended in Celine/Ana saying, “I am the greatest singer in the world.

Celine is one of the greatest singer in the world and she knows it.

She proved just how good she is during a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show,” where she did impressions of Cher, Michael Jackson, Rihanna and Sia.

Oh yeah, she’s also absolutely hilarious. At one point during her Rihanna impression Celine started to dance and Jimmy Fallon asked her to stop because “kids are watching.” Who knew?


To do her Sia impression put a baby stuffed panda over half of her face.


What an absolute treasure of a woman.